CFO Boot Camp


Networking: The Miracle-Gro™ of Your Career

Course:  | CPE: 1.0 | Level: Intermediate | Prerequisites: None

How to network with a purpose, networking do’s and don’ts, keeping in touch with your network, how to accelerate the benefit of networking, how to stratify your network, and more. Entry-level to C-suite will benefit from understanding the value of networking with a purpose. Most jobs are found through networking. This class will show you how to network at a tactical level and learn about long-term relationships in business.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this class, everyone will know about networking principles, how to reciprocate effectively, adding value to a conversation, building stronger connections in business, how to keep in touch with your network, network with a purpose, and stratify your contacts into different levels.

Chris Ekrem, Vice President, Tyler and Company

Chris Ekrem, FACHE serves as Vice President for Tyler & Company. Chris brings two decades of hospital administration experience in healthcare operations, management and financial leadership. He led highly successful business development projects during his tenure in leadership roles in Texas and Kansas. Chris began his career as a financial analyst at Florida Hospital in Orlando, Florida and expanded his skill set through finance positions before advancing to the C-suite as a COO and CEO. Most recently, he was Vice President of Vaquero Health Resources, LLC in Brentwood, Tennessee and Associate Administrator at Northwest Texas Healthcare System in Amarillo, Texas.


Patient Satisfaction: Transforming Your Bottom Line

Course:  | CPE: 1.0 | Level: Entry | Prerequisites: None

Medical research suggests that the success of patient recovery, therefore patient satisfaction, is a direct correlation of the engagement of not only the medical care but also of the patient personal reaction to the synergy during recovery, immediate as well as post. This synergy we generally label Motivation. However, research reveals this synergy is actually a momentum interactionally created by four components: one’s perception of self, perception of recovery, personal interactions, and vision. The greater the synergy, the greater the recovery and positive post experience impressions/satisfaction. In today’s medical arena, patient satisfaction is no longer dependent upon merely the level of physical/psychological recovery but rather the synergy of the entire “hospital experience.”

This overview of the Cleveland Momentum Model (CMM) will cover the four (4) synergistic elements of the model:

  • Perception of Self: Orchestrating Reconstruction
  • Perception of Recovery: Engineering Progress
  • Interactions in Relationships (Personal and Technological): Integrating Society
  • Vision for His/Her Progress and/or Future: If You Promise It, Follow Through.

Dr. Lynda Cleveland, President, The Cleveland Group, LLC

Award-winning professor, Dr. Lynda Cleveland, has the ability to educate and entertain as a result of her skills in storytelling as well as comedy. Along the way she has been a medical educator, videographer and corporate VP in charge of training. Some of her favorite teaching moments were at McCombs School of Business at UT Austin. Her doctoral journey was a dual program between UT Southwestern Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and The University of Texas at Austin. A little known fact about “Doc” is her alter ego is “Clebo” an internationally registered clown.


Cost Report – Why do I have to Keep Submitting It and is It Really That Important?

Course:  | CPE: 1.0 | Level: Intermediate | Prerequisites: None

This course will cover the cost report from a high level. Mike will demonstrate where to look on the cost report to find certain data (i.e. DSH data, wage index items, S-10/Uncomp Care, etc) Other areas will be discussed in this interactive presentation. Bring your cost reports and any questions you may have.

Mike Trostel, Director of Reimbursement and Analysis Support, Signet Health

Mr. Trostel has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry. He has worked in the areas of Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement as a consultant and as reimbursement manager with two large national Healthcare corporations.

Mr. Trostel’s experience includes cost report preparation, re-openings and appeals, Medicare/Medicaid audit assistance, reimbursement analysis, wage index review audits for a wide range of healthcare providers.  He has also provided Medicare bad debt review, analysis, and log preparation assistance. Mike has provided State DSH and UC Tool preparation, audit, and appeals.  He has sought exceptions to TEFRA target limitations and SNF routine cost limits in the past and had success in gaining relief for facilities.  Additionally, Mike has sought geographic reclassifications, Sole community and CAH requests with success.  He also has experience in setting up methodologies by which hospitals track their contractual allowances and their cost report receivable/payable.  He has also assisted clients with hospital billing procedures, hospital logging support and review, financial proformas, and various “what-if” scenarios.  Mike has also provided expert witness testimony to clients within the Reimbursement venue.

Mr. Trostel earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree from the University of Texas at Austin in Accounting.  He is a member of HFMA, AICPA, TAHFA and TORCH.


The Story Behind the Numbers: Communicating Financial Information Effectively

Course:  | CPE: 1.0 | Level: Intermediate | Prerequisites: None

Healthcare executives and boards rely on the CFO to communicate the financial picture well, so they can make well-informed decisions. This class will cover the methods and processes used to identify what is driving financial results and then converting that knowledge into actionable information for leaders.

Course Objectives: 

To share proven methods for effective financial reporting

Target Audience: 

CFO’s, controllers on the CFO Path, and others in healthcare accounting that have an interest in the C-suite


Presented by: Stephen Calvert, Senior Director of Accounting and Analytics

Stephen has over 17 years of experience as a finance leader within health systems across Texas and currently serves a the Senior Director of Accounting and Analytics at United Regional Health Care System in Wichita Falls. As a Certifified Public Accountant and Certified Healthcare Finance Professional, Stephen enjoys analyzing and presenting financial information that helps healthcare leaders make wise decisions.